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One Helmut for Obama, one for Romney

At Munich’s Oktoberfest, Helmut would easily pass for a true Bavarian – except that the breast piece between his suspenders says “Gulf Coast Enziana”. Helmut has found his little piece of Germany at the Gulf of Mexico. Originally from Lower … Continue reading

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The snob factor: Pitfalls for Europeans in the U.S.

Rafalca is on her way home, and so is Ann Romney. There is no point hanging out at the London Olympics after her horse did not make it to the medal rounds.  Her husband Mitt needs her at his side … Continue reading

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Should Germany debate circumcision?

I don’t think so. In this piece for The Globalist I argue that Germany should leave this topic to others instead of alienating its Jewish and Muslim minorities by whipping itself into a hysterical debate. The discussion of potential health … Continue reading

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America’s Mommy Wars: A Transatlantic Perspective

This commentary was published in The Globalist: For Marissa Mayer, the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo! and a mother-to-be, and Anne-Marie Slaughter, the former Director of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department and a mother of two, the big … Continue reading

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Obama? It’s a shame!

How did Obama lose the Germans? Up until now, my fellow countrymen were his die-hard fans. 200.000 showed up when the candidate spoke in Berlin in 2008. “We need someone like Obama,” we Germans said – our own politicians seemed … Continue reading

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Chinese-German-American Love Song

A few African-American kids with dreadlocks and sneakers. Two middle-aged Chinese academics. A bearded American professor of literature. A German mother and her son, who is wearing a Chinese silk jacket. When they arrive, the members of this gathering in … Continue reading

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Chen Guangcheng’s Road Ahead

Chen Guangcheng, the blind civil rights activist who escaped to the US embassy in Beijing is now in safety in New York.  The Chinese authorities might hope that he will slink into obscurity far away from home. Will he still … Continue reading

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