Am I the future or the past?

Not just the Washington Post is updating itself as I wrote in my previous post. As journalists, we all have to reinvent ourselves within a changing industry. In a fast-moving, connected world, we have to be able to use different channels to gather and convey information.

Pauline Tillmann impressed me with her entrepreneurialism. She is a freelance  journalist based in Saint Petersburg – and she does all the things big organizations like the Post are experimenting with: She produces features for German radio, she writes blogs, she published an ebook guide for freelancers abroad, and she raised money for a multimedia feature on self-immolation as a form of protest in Tibet through the German crowd funding platform Krautreporter.

Pauline stayed with me through Hostwriter – another innovative journalism project set up by my former colleagues from (a non-profit that organizes research trips abroad for young German journalists.) Hostwriter is a global collaboration network for journalists – and this collaboration can range from joint research projects to simply letting a colleague crash on your couch.

Selfie 1

Selfie 2

Hostwriter is how Pauline came to stay with me for a week during a three month long reporting trip to the U.S. (and Pauline would not be Pauline if she had not chronicled her entire trip in the form of a multimedia blog for Bavarian Broadcasting) where she looked into the future of journalism in interviews with news makers and journalism start ups from New York to San Francisco.

While I am not so sure if I am journalism’s future or its past, Pauline interviewed me for her Podcast about reporting from Washington, DC, and about my life as a freelancer and a working mom.

The interview is in German. If you are interested, please listen here.

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